May 1, 2017

I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals. For a long time I’ve considered myself an opportunist, taking every possible job that came my way and exploring it fully. I’ve said yes to almost everything, even when the pay was low because low is better than zero.

I’m starting to get to a point now where I can be more focused. My skillset is becoming more specific as I really master a few things, and my time becomes more scarce.

In setting my goals I’ve started with what I want to be doing day-to-day. I want to travel, see interesting places, eat interesting foods, and make videos and blogs and take photos and share it with the world. That’s my ideal day. So now I’m working out what resources I’ll need to make that a reality, and how I can get those resources and make it sustainable.

I think this has a few components. a) I need a community of people who enjoy my work, even before I get to travel to cool places. b) I need a monetization strategy. It will probably be a multi-faceted approach between apparel and merchandising, selling prints, paid promotion, advertising, and consulting. But, all of that is dependent on a. c) in order to get a, I have to put resources, time and money, into building a community.

That takes a job. Fortunately, I’m working at VaynerMedia. So not only do I have sustainable income behind me for living, I’m working on a team and learning from the best at how to build personal brands, the very thing I want to do for myself.

I’m doing all the right things, and so between me and the goal, is just time, and hard work.

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