Why the new app Anchor has me Intrigued

It’s like Twitter, with Voice. The Voice part is enthralling.

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First Impressions: Easy to set up!

I first heard about Anchor on the #AskGaryVee show with Gary Vaynerchuk, and I’ve been at least trying out the apps he suggests. As the show was playing I downloaded the app, and started setting up my account. Getting set up was the absolute simplest process I’ve come across for social media. The app is integrated with Twitter, grabbing my profile picture, email address, name, and followers from there, then prompting me to confirm all of it. It quickly teaches you how to use the app, then has you record your name in a 3 second audio snippet (which I’ve only found playing before your response while replying). It’s incredibly easy and intuitive, huge props to the team.

How it works: Listen to Waves like a Phone Call.

Like Twitter has Tweets, Anchor has Waves. A wave is a simple audio recording of your voice, that’s it. When you go to record, you can either tap and hold a record button, or use my favorite feature, and just raise your phone to your ear and speak as if you were talking on the phone. Recording is almost exactly the same to the way you can currently send quick audio messages within iMessage on the iPhone. I wouldn’t be surprised if they drew major inspiration from that. Along with the post you have some space to quickly type what the Wave is about, and insert hashtags which serve as the main method of discovery. To listen to a Wave, press the play button and you have the option to play it either through your speakers, or the small phone speaker like a phone call. Again, I tend to prefer using it like a phone call.

Discovery and Interactions: Popular #Hashtags and Wave Replies.

As with any social network, you follow people, and have a feed of their Waves on the home screen. For discovery, Hashtags are golden. In the explore section, Anchor already has multiple “Trending Topics” which were set from the start and continue to be the main topic of Waves. One of my favorites is #openquestion, where people pose a question like, “How do you feel about the boycotts over Racism in the Oscars?” and everyone chimes in with their thoughts. See each wave is limited to 2 minutes, and replies are limited to 1 minute. Right now the platform is still incredibly young, and by putting in a single week of legitimate effort, you could already be set to become an Influencer on the platform. Anyone has a chance be discovered.

The Reason I’m so intrigued: Voice.

There’s a whole different feel on Anchor, and it’s due to the fact that all you can record or hear is a voice. I’ve never been on a more personal platform. YouTube and Video in general usually makes someone put on a sort of show, looking their best and filling a character role on screen. Twitter is all words, and people can say anything they want. Instagram is made up of photos, but half the time they aren’t of you! With anchor using only your voice, there’s an entirely different dynamic. Jokes are funnier, because you can hear sarcasm and tonal changes and timing and all sorts of other things. It feels so much more personal in conversation with other users, because it actually feels like you’re talking on the phone. It also helps, that most of the people on the platform so far are very friendly!

So if you haven’t tried Anchor yet, it’s worth the download.

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