Addressing Issues In Residential Concrete Repairs

Concrete is one of the most extensively used building materials in the world. Residential construction marks a major market area for concrete in the U.S. The main practices for concrete in residential construction include footings, basement walls, and slabs on ground (floor slabs, driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas). Concrete may also be used above ground for suspended slabs, wall and roof systems.

Despite the fact that concrete construction is one of the most reliable and durable components in construction, there may be some repair work required in residences using concrete. Due to unsteady lands and poor re-compaction during the construction process, concrete often fails leaving trip hazards, unsightly conditions and causing improper drainage around the construction site. Foundations can also move and ultimately fail during extreme conditions. However, these problems can be addressed and taken care of by the experts.

Basements made up of concrete a preferable to clients, concrete as a material is sturdy and keeps the area cool irrespective of the weather conditions. Basement floors can most of the times end up in bad condition. This may be because of poor drainage around the groundwork of the home and the fact that loose soil is left behind after the excavation is done for making basements of home. Without proper emptying, water around the basement causes the soils to contract and expand.

This problem can easily be addressed and repaired by treating the underlying area of the basement. A water-resistant barrier is made while leveling the basement floors that helps further in fixing the basement floors for good.

Another problem in residential concrete repair is when the driveways of the house waver from their original position due to wear and tear and simply crack off under the process of contraction and expansion. While filling the cracks is an easy way to make repairs in concrete construction in residential areas, the same can be avoided if the ground is simply raised and leveled underneath. It is a permanent solution that is also cost effective that replacing the whole driveway with a new construction.

Poor drainage systems are one of the prime causes of bad shapes of porches and patios as it causes soil erosion. Over time this leads to settling of the concrete flatwork around the foundation that may cause reverse drainage towards your home, leading to potential moisture intrusion issues into the house itself.