Awe-Inspiring Developments in the Field of Residential Foundation Repair

The world is full of wonders that never cease to amaze us and this fact extends to all aspects in our lives, including concrete foundations.

How so, one might ask…

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the best example that fits the bill here.

The 55.86 meters tall bell tower has been standing at an inclination of about 3.99 degrees due to the soft ground on one side below it. The ground, being unable to withstand the weight of the tower has caused the foundation to sink.

The result- we have a structure that demands the awe and wonder of people from all over the world.

However, the same condition for your home might not sound as appealing- this is why residential foundation repair constitutes a matter of importance.

Most concrete buildings we see around us have foundations that are commonly about a foot in thickness and about 280 feet in depth. As for the high-rise buildings or skyscrapers, the foundation could be as thick as 20 feet and as deep as about 280 feet.

Of late, genetically-engineered soil has come out to be a great way to increase both the durability and the strength of the foundation and the concrete structure that is supported by the foundation.

Importance of the Foundation

The foundation affects the integrity of the building and any structural issue demands immediate attention in the form of a residential foundation repair for homes.

Concrete foundations also provide protection from subsidence of land that could happen when groundwater is being withdrawn through various ways like permafrost, thawing, drainage, or underground mining.

Residential Foundation Repair

A more novel way that has been developed in the field of residential foundation repair is the creation of a bacteria that is capable of repairing concrete.

Bio-cement has been developed to reinforce buildings similar to the action of genetically-engineered microbes of the soil that are capable of producing bio-cement in response to the changes in soil pressure and effectuating reinforcement of the land below the foundation.

These attempts are targeted towards the final goal of creating ‘thinking soil’, which can create bio-cement on its own, thereby leading us to a self-constructing/repairing foundation.

Until the arrival of that day, we do have our good old conventional methods of residential foundation repair that can make our homes stand tall for many years to come.