Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Historic Homes in NYC

According to the National Registry of Historic Places, for a residence to be given the ‘historic’ status, it must be at least fifty years old. Apart from having a unique architectural character, it must also have some cultural significance.

A number of other parameters may also be included by municipal and state bodies for giving a home the historic status.

Why do People Buy Such Homes?

One of the biggest draws of such historical homes is the realization that it was once occupied by a famous artist, explorer, musician or poet. There are a number of such homes available in NYC and surrounding areas which can easily be restored by the experienced masonry contractors.

Even the nooks and crannies of such homes elicit great interest amongst buyers because of their historical value.

Benefits of having such homes include receipt of federal preservation grant monies and a bronze plaque from the National Register of Historic Places (showing the historical significance of your home), state tax breaks, and investment tax credits.

Is Restoration Difficult?

Restoration of historic buildings is quite different from the renovation, remodeling or restoration of modern buildings made recently.

To begin with, you need to understand what the regulations are when it comes to restoring historic homes by masonry contractors in Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens and the surrounding areas. The restoration does not have to be costly or time consuming, if the masonry contractor has the required experience.

The color schemes and the building materials chosen for restoring any historic building should be done with caution. They should not in any way damage the structural integrity of the building.

Here also, masonry contractors can provide immense help in suggesting alternative ways for restoration of the historical homes without causing any damage to the structure. A number of grant monies are also available to help you financially by offsetting the costs involved in the restoration project to a great extent.

Striking a Balance between the Old and the New

When projects with a landmark status are renovated, it is essential to retain most of the signature features of that building, despite updating the overall space along with their functionality. This can be achieved by masonry contractors who employ a variety of techniques, including upgrading the windows to increase the amount of light and maximizing the space available on every floor by reducing the number of elevators in case of tall buildings.

Never Buy Homes Which Have Not Been Inspected

A home buyer should never purchase a historical house without getting an inspection done due to safety reasons. Home inspectors, who specialize in historic properties can provide valuable insight into the condition of the building and help home buyers make an informed decision.