Safety Measures to Follow While Working On Concrete Projects

Concrete brings in great versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness to any repair, renovation or remodeling job as well as construction projects. Working with concrete is also quite safe as cases of injuries among workers involved in the processes of mixing, handling and finishing concrete have been significantly low. While working on masonry projects, contractors also make sure that the common precautionary measures are taken to ensure complete safety of all workers.

Defined below are some easy-to-follow and simple safety measures that are also stressed upon by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States for projects that involve Portland cement and concrete:

Shielding the Head and Eyes

A site is always bustling with activities, busy workers and contractors, and at times, the equipment, machines and tools can be hazardous for the people working there. This is why site workers should wear safety hats or hard hats at all times.

Blowing dust or spraying concrete can pose a serious threat for the eyes- goggles with side shields and full-cover safety glasses can be used to safeguard the eyes.

Protection of Skin

Persistent contact with fresh concrete can cause serious chemical burns and skin irritation. Abrasive sand, basic/Portland cement, wet caustic concrete and drying Portland cement can damage the skin due to their physical or chemical properties.

Protective clothing should not be laden with moisture from fresh concrete, and waterproof gloves and rubber boots should be worn to protect the skin.

Keeping the Back Safe

Portland cement, coarse aggregate, sand and water, which are used to prepare concrete can be heavy, which is why, workers handling them need to ensure the safety of their backs.

While lifting heavy loads, the back should be kept straight, legs bent, and the weight should be kept close to the body. Moreover, instead of exerting themselves and straining their backs, workers should use mechanical equipment like chutes, pumps, wheelbarrows, shovels and come-alongs.

Other Measures

  1. Concrete contractors always urge their men to be alert on site as prevention is always better than cure.
  2. Waterproof pads provide protection from the effects of fresh concrete to knees, elbows and hands during finishing.
  3. Concrete-moisture saturated clothing needs to be rinsed immediately with clean water.
  4. On contact with fresh concrete, eyes and skin need to be thoroughly flushed with water.




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