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100 Days of Something

Have you ever heard of the 100-day project? It is basically to do something for … guess how long? 100 days. The idea behind this is to make you show up every day for something. I once did something similar with my writing and vowed to write 1667 words a day for a year. I did it as well. I think it was back in 2014. I managed to crank out 600k words in that time and wow, what an achievement it was. But more than that, it made writing daily such a habit and a craving for me that it became even more of who I am.

I have so many things I want to get into, though. This is my problem right now. I love meditation, but when I take a day off, I take a month off. I love writing on my blog and here, and when I do it daily, it feels fantastic, but I slip a day, and self-doubt puts his feet under the table.

I was reading a short story, an essay and a poem a day to fuel the creative well for my writing. It went well until about January when we got a new addition to the family, and then I never got back to it.

I want to go to bed early and rise early. I am more productive when I do that, and actually, I have been getting up at 6 am while I was just away on holiday. There are some fantastic views at that time in the morning.

Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

I want to break up with my phone and reduce my social media wasting time browsing sessions. I want to read more fiction and non-fiction. I want to get back onto the writing prompt wagon I have because when I am posting those, my muse is so much happier.

I want to keep the habit of matcha tea in the morning and yoga. There are so many practices I want to follow, but I am not sure which, or even if I can manage something for a solid 100 days. I want to try, though. I think for sure, posting here and my blog could be one. That is if you want to listen to my ramblings on a daily basis. I may get boring … not that I am boring, but you know.

The goals going well for me right now

1. Daily matcha tea

2. Less than 2.5 hours a day on my phone

3. Once a day only Facebook scroll

4. Veganism

5. Up at 6 am

6. Reading fiction.

So yeah, call me mad, but I think I might push myself to get back to writing here. You know, because I am a little crazy and already need three clones to add to my staff.