Learning Learning Learning

I didn’t deadlift 800lb just by walking up to the bar and pulling it. It took practice… Honestly, I have never come close to pulling that much weight (540lb for those of you who are curious.) The point is I would have never made it even close to that if I didn’t have good technique, but I wouldn’t have good technique if I didn’t practice, and I wouldn’t know what to practice if I didn’t take the time to LEARN!

Thanks to my last coding meet-up I shared I am really trying to learn the best practices when it comes to OOP. (Object-Oriented Programming). I was told to buy “Practical Object-Oriented Design In Ruby” by Sandi Metz by one of the coders who had an impressive introduction. I have only made it through the first chapter but I am happy cause it is explaining things to me so I can practice my coding with the best practices or best techniques.

Continuing the pursuit of knowledge is important if you want to be the best developer, and if you don’t want to be the best developer, you are going to become outdated like AOL.