Why I chose coding…

It was roughly a little over two years ago when I was denied entry into the physical therapy assistant program back in my home town of Maryland. I’ve never been one to let myself be defeated by something because I believe that things happen for a reason. So I made the decision to pack up my stuff and move down to Dallas to continue school down there and apply for the program again, but of course things didn’t go the way I planned.

It’s extremely easy as a bartender to up & move because as long as you are near a good city you can find yourself a decent job. Lucky for me, I landed a job at The Rustic in uptown Dallas which is where fate had me meet Wanjeru. After a couple beers and stories I learned that he had bartended as well, but wanted more than the long weekends and cheap thrills. He taught himself how to code and after 6 months of persistence he received a job coding. He told me what resources he used and gave me a lot of insight on the career.

So I attempted to finish up my initial decision of applying for the PTA program, but again, fate didn’t want that for me. Before I could take a placement test for the program I had a family emergency that brought me back to Maryland. This meant another year that I would have to wait, so I decided it was time for a change. Some of the reasons I decided to pursue web development was because I have always had a passion for using my imagination to building things. From the time I was a kid till the age of 14 I had a great interest in creating things from Legos. Even now I buy them for my nephew just so I can play with them. Another reason is the demand for it. When I applied for PTA, only 30 students from the tri-college program were accepted, and only 6 of the 60 that applied from my school were accepted. Another significant reason is the money, and the endless possibilities for growth. Once I finish this course in web development I will continue to learn more and more coding languages. Finally, the most important reason why I love coding is the freedom it brings. My favorite story is from a girl who coded for a company and was offered a promotion which included working from home and she decided her new home was going to be in Hawaii for the six month term.

Through the use of CodeAcademy I learned the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby. I met another friend who told me of TheFirehoseProject which put her in the position where she is now doing freelance work for web development. So now I am back in Maryland still bartending to fund myself through this project, but I continue to meet and hear amazing stories of other peoples success in coding. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for me after I finish this course.


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