Velvet Fabric Online: Different Types of Velvet Fabric and Uses

Nothing can match the richly royal and plush luxurious looks and feel of velvet. It is soft and sensuous to touch, drapes well and can be used for a variety of purposes. At one time it was the chosen fabric of royalty and noblemen. One can shape it into jackets, vests, blouses, skirts, bags and even slippers. In essence velvet is woven with long threads between two fabrics and the threads are cut into a pile. There is a variety of velvet available today, made from silk as well as synthetic fiber. Apart from the fiber the method of manufacture also gives different kinds of velvet.

Silk velvet

Silk velvet was and is popular. Silk fiber is used in its manufacture and the resulting velvet fabric is soft, has a sensuous luster to it and drapes quite well, making it ideal for fabrics and furnishings too. One can source velvet fabric online from a furnishing store for this purpose.

Cotton velvet

Silk is cool and so is cotton that lends admirably to the making of velvet with some stretch properties. That makes it ideal for apparel and for upholstery.

Rayon/Nylon velvet

Cotton and silk velvet is demanding when it comes to fabric care but velvet made from nylon with rayon blends for the backing is lightweight, easy to care for and has a lovely drape. It costs less than silk yet has better looks and feel.

Velvet microfiber

Velvet microfiber is mainly made from polyester fiber with micro denier and it has the plush quality of velvet but it is light in weight. Polyester microfiber velvet does resist stains and dirt and it is easy to maintain making it a good choice for upholstery.

Polyester spandex stretch velvet

Polyester fiber is blended with spandex to give a stretch or knit velvet pile fabric that can stretch by as much as 50% making it ideal for body hugging garments.

Velvet can also be classified according to texture. Some grades available are:

Cut velvet

A floral or any other design is woven into the fabric that has a pattern cutout of uncut loops of pile while the other areas are sheer fabric.

Crushed velvet

The fabric is twisted while wet and gives a crinkle look with shimmer and texture. It is great for drapes and for stylish apparel.

Panne velvet

Heavy pressure is applied to the pile during the manufacturing process resulting in a texture and pattern known as panne velvet.


Velveteen is usually made from cotton fabric and has a rather thicker pile of 3 mm to give a more luxurious and deep feel. It is also heavy and can be used for upholstery as well as curtains.

Plush velvet

This fabric has polyester backing and is rather heavy with a pile of 5 mm, making them feel soft and luxurious.



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