AMU Students Union Post Holders

Heartiest Congratulations. As Alumni, faculty (retd.) at AMU in economics and well wisher of this prestigious university as well as yours I submit that you can be very helpful transforming the university environment totally into academic inspiring fellow students to take optimum advantage from the tremendous amenities available at the campus through dedication to their studies.

Students Union is an important training center for students interested to achieve excellence in parliamentary practices and play an active part at different levels. It will depend provided students union is treated as training institute for various value added activities.

As it is well known AMU with its academic excellence, qualified faculty and talented students has served the community and the nation at large without discrimination spreading free inquiry, large-hearted tolerance, brotherhood and pure moral values preached by great educational reformer and humanist, Sir Syyid Ahmed khan.

Programmes at Students Union

  1. Weekly debates in the Students Union attaining supremacy in parliamentary participation.
  2. Debates on philosophy and ideas of Sir Syyid Ahmed on various topics related with social, economics, political, religious, tolerance and educational reforms. Let the nation and the world know and understand The Great Sir Syyid. Copies of Hyat-e-javed and his lectures on various topics should be made available in Student Union library.
  3. Debates on the preparation by our students for various civil services exams conducted by the States and Union Public Service Commissions. Let our students develop interest for competing these exams from the graduation levels. Apart from these exams information should also be made available on many other jobs. These days, banks have plenty of jobs. Our students should compete for them too.
  4. Students Union post holders should organise lectures for motivating our students to engage in the missionary activities helping themselves as well as society. Equity Participation some sharing their land, some cash and still some their management caliber. Let them establish schools and businesses. They will earn enough income to lead reasonably comfortable life and become job creator rather than job seeker.

Prof. Masood Hasan
Prof. Retd. in Economics, AMU, Aligarh, INDIA