Discussion and healthy arguments are always helpful to reach consensus and adopt suitable strategies for achieving the objectives. Strategies depend upon objectives which appear to be lofty such as growth with social justice/inclusive growth/poverty removal/education for all etc yet; we hardly succeed uplifting the poverty ridden people suffering long time in spite of higher growth rate. This is the universal phenomenon more in the underdeveloped countries because of their being still in the pre-industrial stage of development and so is their attitude and outlook to the problems. In India, in spite of fast growth, there are still about 1/3 of our people below poverty line not able even to meet their basic needs of life. Quite large number of them belong to Muslim community.

The pertinent question is who is to be blamed for such scenario. Blame the government one will be most popular and vote gatherer at the cost of community. Popularity will decline if one talks about the truth and one will be on the ground if one suggests reforms and removal of drawbacks in order to catch up the ICT advancement both at the national and global levels. One remains behind if one does not go along with others. Undoubtedly, there are distinctive belief systems and civilizations; yet one is required to cooperate and works as team spirit with loyalty for the success of the organisation.
 Muslim community in India is not in dearth of talents and committed people and nearly twenty per cent of them are more or less as resource worthy as others. Mere discussions on party or sects lines hardly provides solutions. It always ends as nashistan, guftan and barkhastan. Others laugh on us. Solutions for the predicaments of Indian Muslims require adoption of following steps:

  1. To study and identify the causes of multi level advancement of other communities in India as compared to us. For instance; farming communities or are almost with similar problems and even many Muslims own much larger landed property yet; far behind in education where as Hadith is there to go to china for higher learning. Has it to do something to our attitude confining merely to discussions where as we have the golden period of Islamic history of innovative scholars of all fields.
     If the Nobel Prize is begun with retrospective effect all of them will be first in line.
  2. Muslims community has large number of institutions all over the country providing merely religious education. There is infrastructure and, politics apart, these institutions along with thorough religious education should be transformed on cbse line. Many of them with large properties may be postgraduate colleges providing instructions in all relevant fields along with their normal syllabi.
  3. Awaqaf properties are well known. Their proper use for education and employment creation should be on priority and implemented in letter and spirit.
  4. Islam asks for gender equality; yet Muslim women are far behind where as Islamic history is full of their role at all levels such as economic, social, political and cultural etc.
  5. Creation of awareness among Muslim masses about the need of the time otherwise; they will remain behind. The world is highly competitive. Those who reads what is written on the wall compete and have reasonably comfortable life.
  6. Time is with nobody. It only helps those who undetstands its value and plan to compete in the field of their interest.
  7. I do not mean that Mislim brothers are not engaged making efforts in their pursuits yet; there is need to identify the causes of our remaining far behind of fellow Indians in order to adopt strategic suitable measures to compete and succeed.

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