Grow up Mr Khan!

No doubt Imran Khan has a charismatic personality but he is quite different from Zulifqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. He came out as a challenger to status quo on October 30, 2011. He said, instead of voting the candidate people will vote his party’s symbol and manifesto. Later he depended on electables. Gradually he has also become the part of the status quo.

Instead of becoming a seasoned politician and a symbol of renaissance and change he had become a symbol of blame. He had spent a long period in blaming other politicians. People were expecting a long list of his services in provincial government. He should have differentiated his governance with that of the past, but this didn’t happen.

After another unsuccessful marriage, unproductive street politics and shameful defeat in local body elections in mainstream (Punjab and urban Sindh) now Mr Khan is far below than his position of 2011. Undoubtedly, Imran is a crowd puller, he has a massive public support which was also been seen in his Raiwind march last month and it is also expected that he will soon put up ‘grand show’ in the capital. By doing this, Mr Khan would keep his energetic youth active and nothing else.

Mr Khan has a democratic right to protest and oppose the elected government of the country. But he is not realizing the ground reality that it is nearly impossible to conduct and organise crystal clear elections like European countries in a developing country like Pakistan. He will have to perform in the existing election system.

Whatever Imran Khan is doing now is an exercise in futility. He has to do a lot of hard work to succeed. He should review his party’s policy. There are no chances of early elections. It is better for him to focus on grass root level. He is supposed to organize his party at polling station level to NA’s constituencies. Mr Khan should also highlight performance of PTI led government in KPK. Instead of holding rallies his party should play a vital role inside parliament and its standing committees or resign from the assemblies courageously.

The reorganization of the party, performance of the provincial government, awareness of voters on grass root level will prove beneficial for Imran Khan.

The victory of 92 World Cup, establishment of Shaukat Khanum Hospital and NUML university will not be sellable in the general elections of 2018.

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