Edhi sb! the Great man of humanity.

As we all know that Edhi sb is great man for the mankind. The principle of progress is made by the Edhi sb is Kaam Kaam and Kaam. Means sabr-e-Jameel in his complete life and also simplicity. Even according to his will he says that buried me with those clothes that i will wear at that time.

And some kaam’s are here that he occur in his life.

selling pencil’s, working at cloth shop, at pan shop, also run a dispensary 24 hours and also drive an ambulance.

These all show hardworking in his life. i would really impressed by his hardworking and sabr-e-Jameel in his entire life for achieving the goal of humanity.

I got my permission letter of Internship by the university from May. but Till July i can’t get an internship then i take consistence, focus and hard hard work for getting it after facing many disappointment i got an internship on 12 July at Willshire Lab (Pvt) Ltd.

The basic reason behind his example is that if i can’t get an internship before 13 July then i got waste my year and can’t got the transcript and wait for the previous batch.


Hardworking would leads to you accomplish the goals.

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