Rejecting Michael Arnovitz’ plea for “reason” …
James Oliver

Just responding to one of your points: “For instance, Arnovitz asks why Donald Drumpf is not being given the same treatment as Clinton in the media. He suggests that somehow, he’s getting away with telling lie after lie, while she’s taken to task for every minor inconsistency.

Except that anyone paying even a modicum of attention to these campaigns can tell you that is flat out ridiculous. The media has been relentless in criticizing and condemning Drumpf”

I’d like to point you to this chart which comes from this Harvard study covered here

A brief snipped from the Harvard Gazette interview of the study’s author: (which also links to the actual study) 
“Is there merit to the perception … that journalists went easy on Drumpf because he was good for ratings and clicks; that Sen. Bernie Sanders was ignored early on but later got little of the negative scrutiny that Hillary Clinton did; or that the press corps fixated on Clinton’s so-called “scandals,” not her positions, and held her to a harsher standard than it did male candidates?

In short, yes, according to an analysis released Monday from the Shorenstein Center”

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