My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

This analysis overlooks the real reason why conservatives have struggled with the “racism” label for decades.

Conservatism is NOT about “…trying to show understanding and compassion without requiring the Government to force us to…” It is similarly NOT about “…”lifting people up, not lowering the bar so that they can get over it…”

Conservatism, by its very definition, is about preserving the status quo.

And, in many areas that means preserving historical power structures.

Your tribal groups in. Other’s tribal groups out.

Until you tackle the true underpinnings of conservatism you will continue to miss the point.

The guy at the top of the mountain does not descend that mountain for no reason. And he didn’t get to the top of that mountain by being a nice guy.

Your analysis completely ignores the fact that that mountain is man-made in the first place.

Precisely because rocks are easier to throw down than up.

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