Film acting emotions for day players.

In film acting as an actor you are telling a story. It can be very challenging for an actor to understand what emotion the writer/director wants. Another challenge you as a day player face is you don’t get the whole script. Thus it is hard to figure out the emotions without knowing the whole story. Below are few techniques that I suggest.

  1. Read all of the side. Regardless where your scene starts & stops. It will help you to gain insight what was going on prior & after your scene. It will provide you some good clues.
  2. Do a script analysis. I am not going into details of script analysis but as an actor you should know what it is. Do not skip it. Without script analysis you will be clueless no matter how well you know your lines period.
  3. Read the synopsis and try to get 10,000 feet view of the whole story. Read and understand what your character behaves in a normal day from the character break down.
  4. Look and read your lines and the lines that is not yours and details from your scene on what is going on and get the emotions. Use the script analysis to figure out the rest.
  5. Now once you have figured out the emotions in your scene the next challenge is how to get there. Your emotions must originate from your inner soul and it can’t be acting. If you act the emotions then audience and camera will know it is fake and they will flip the channel or take a bath room break during the movie. Listening is a great tool to incite your inner emotions organically & it will be truthful. When you listen and let it digest with your soul then your response will be more genuine. Even if you get the lines wrong (but the jest of it right) with true emotion then your audition will have a better chance to get call back then someone who got the lines right but not the emotions.

Getting emotions right takes time and lots of practice by doing scenes in front of the camera. Thus the more acting class you do the better you can sharpen this talent. Remember, practice, practice, and practice makes the craft right.

Good luck and practice.