Massage Therapy: The Things You Should Know

Massage is the use of various hand movements in order to apply mechanical force to the body. The masseuse pounds, compresses, kneads and strokes the tissues around the body to promote muscle tone and circulation.

Not only does this technique reduce swellings and a good way to relieve muscle stress and fatigue, it can also be used to soften adhesions and scars. Massage therapy can also prevent the muscles from wasting due to diseases in the nervous system.

Some people have the misconception that massage can increase the muscle strength or even remove from the tissues some fat collections which is not really how massage works at all. Another thing you should know is that only under medical supervision and only a trained Shiatsu Therapy Oakville ON therapist should be giving a therapeutic massage. Naturally, you would wonder as to why that is. The reason is that if the wrong technique were to be applied, instead of improving or treating the health condition it might actually make it worse.

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