Best Massage Chair Reviews of 2016 — Ultimate Buying Guide

Your regular sleeping mattress isn’t going to soothe your muscles and relax your body as much as the best massage chairs can do. I know sitting 9 to 5 on your office chair, and listening to your boss all day long who is never happy with what you have done can make you mentally and physically exhausted. After going through such a hectic routine, the only thing you are dreaming of on your way back is a comfortable place where you can relax your body for a while and get rid of all day long stress and pressure.

Not to mention that you can visit a nearby massage spa or even hire a personal therapist for an enjoyable and relaxing massage. But let’s estimate the cost you would bear.

If you prefer visiting a massage spa, the cost varies. The per hour rate they’ll charge depends on which day, location, destination and how luxurious spa services you need. Suppose you need a simple bone massage. It would cost you somewhere around $40-$50 an hour in a regular massage spa. But let’s look at some expensive spas as well. A Swedish massage can cost you $50 for 30 minutes and as much as $120 an hour. Similarly, the Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin Texas charges $150 for 50 minutes, and some costly and luxurious spas charge $250 plus tax and tips.

Now let us suppose that you prefer to hire a personal therapist who comes to your door every weekend or twice in a week. The national average for a massage therapist is $60 per hour, and if you hire some expert therapist, he can even charge you as much as $100+.

Summing up the above scenarios we see that if you prefer a massage spa, let’s say 3 to 4 times in a month, you’ll be paying somewhere around $400 plus the cost of fuel to reach the spa. On the other hand, the massage therapist would cost you on average $500-$700 a month. Whatsoever is the case; you will be overspending too much.

This is where the massage chairs come in! With the fast paced modern life where everyone is too much busy, having a massage at home can relieve your body from pain, stress and anxiety. Not only that but these chairs also bring many health benefits. They help in maintaining your blood pressure and get you rid of mental stress. Above all, a massage chair is a far better and ‘affordable’ option as compared to hiring a massage therapist or visiting a costly massage spa.

The next question is which massage chair is the best one to choose? To help you out with this we have listed out the best ones along with their unbeatable features, functions, and specifications. Not only that, but we have listed out massage chairs with affordable price tags. After all, this will be your one-time ‘long-term’ investment, and we promise to make it worthwhile for you.

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