Show & Tell Event Recap

There were a lot of interesting people and ideas at the show & tell event and I really did learn a lot. For starters, I didn’t know people took the time, let alone were able to make a living/ become that popular in the social media world just by creating random videos on the web. I also didn’t realize how much work went into making these videos that we see so frequently on our news feeds that you never think that deeply into. One thing that Nate Engels and Tim Schmoyer mentioned that was such a simple concept that I never thought of before was the idea that social media is essentially for people to communicate/ connect with friends… not necessarily companies or organizations so that makes it that much more important for these organizations to want to draw these people in rather than talk at them.

My favorite speaker of the night had to be. Lucrecer Braxton. It makes sense that she’s such a famous podcaster because when she talked, even in the event kind of environment, she made me listen to her and she had such emotion in her voice that was very intriguing. I liked how she talked about being authentic and how if you are on her show and mess up she’s not going to cut it out because that is real and it’s entertaining.

Overall, I liked the event a lot. I liked the laid back atmosphere with food and drinks. It made it seem more like a conversation than a lecture.

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