Advice From A 19 Year Old Girl & Software Developer
Lydia Hallie

Find the right balance between relaxation and hard work. This comes back to the comments people make about me being the most hardworking yet relaxed person they’ve ever met: but it’s not easy to have this mindset!

This is so true. I took me a while to find this out. Actually I got out of college and started working in some place where I was basically working by sheer will power. As we all know will power is a limited resource (Well, at the time I clearly didn’t :D) and it was too late when I noticed that I was demotivated and not even knowing if this was what I wanted to do with my life. This obviously had a toll on my personal life too.

After noticing that I went into a spiral that only made it worse: I’m demotivated so I need to work on my stuff harder to get my kick back. Other people do this so I should be able to. Wrong! This mindset led me to spiral even further down as I was forcing myself to get motivated again.

This only improved when I decided to just forget other people and think about what I needed. The answer was obvious: The balance in this case meant, do not force yourself to do stuff that you think you should have to do and maybe just forget it. So basically I just started dedicating my free time to anything else other than coding: outdoor activities, being more with friends and I think the one that came out really strong was photography (nothing like an expensive hobby. And I’m still learning how to shoot good pictures :P). Only then (which is actually pretty recent) I started to get that feeling that I wanted to get back to coding and became a more positive person. Although now my balance includes all of the above plus the coding part. It was quite a ride. Too bad it took me so long to find this out.

So some questions:

I try to watch online coding courses for at least 2 hours per day. I love watching online courses, because I always learn new things and get inspired by seeing the instructor writing the code with such ease. I try to give my own twist to it by working on a similar project on the side, just slightly different, so I’m not simply copying what the instructor is doing. Also, it’s perfect when you just don’t want to get out of bed and still feel like you’ve been productive ;)

Any special resource? Coursera, something? Always good to get to know new stuff.

You also mentioned you read some articles. Do you have any special feed? or you meant other type of articles like medium ones?

Thanks for sharing your experience and please keep motivating people into this world!