Why did you do it? Why did you give that thing away?

Applying open source collaboration models to other creative endeavours

[this article originally appeared on the now defunct iCommons.org website on 2007–04–04, thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine it’s being re-run here]

Image by Sel (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/)
  • Hobbies (bring out that secret stamp collection!)
  • Self-promotion (look at me, I am awesome)
  • Attention seeking (please look at me, I really really am awesome)
  • Financial remuneration (I want to see the cash first!)
  • Improving skills (who needs a university degree anyway?)
  • Harnessing other people’s input (the African concept of ubuntu)
  • Altruism (don’t look to Schmatler and Waldhead for inspiration here, we are cold-hearted, cynical old grumpers)
  • Ideology (I said: IDEOLOGY!!!)

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