The real difference between a relationship and a not-relationship.
Cassidy Spencer

I can’t believe I just read my entire currently love life in this post. I already got rid of this type of ‘not-relationships’ like you call them (but that’s exactly what they are, I can’t find any other perfect word to describe them).

Is like the other person would give only but enough amount of attention just because he won’t let you go, he likes you being just ‘there’… Like and object, just because they like the tons of attention of yours giving to them.

This type of relationships are devasting, in my case it totally killed my spirit and I couldn’t understand why the other person just couldn’t give it all back.

I guess I’m kinda “fortunate” because I didn’t stay for that long. I did not like how these people treated me (there was more than one person… or two). Last year was crazy for me because of this.

I guess what I hated the most is that I back out on time but this idiot kept looking for me over and over, telling me everything I wanted it to hear just to keep me there. UGH! Annoying!

I finally got my way out after three trials… He still looked for me this year.. Like really? Why? What for? You won’t settle down.

I can’t tell you how many guys are willing to do this with me -which I really don’t know why- The only thing I can tell is that I won’t let this happen to me again. I guess my biggest wonder now is -why?- Why there is still people out there wanting to treat me like this? My only guess is because there is enough broken people outside, empty inside trying to fill the emptyness with relationships, and somehow they step into our lives, finding fine women willing to give a full, meaning and respectfull relationship -but that just won’t be enough-.

Or maybe they’re just bored. I don’t know.

I identify myself with your last conclusion: I am concentrated on myself now, I want to travel, work, study, find myself in other stuff rather than relationships. Have enough self steem to send a guy to the hell department when I feel like it.

Thanks, I found your writing very helpfull. I am dealing with some jerks right now, not knowing how to get rid of them -they keep asking for my attention- they just won’t let you go (but they won’t settle, like then again.. why? what for?)

Anyways, I write and talk to much as well. Thanks for sharing. I have also wrote these guys tons of letters as well.

But lately I haven’t done it. I’m just to busy with school and work -and myself- for this type of shit.


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