Airline bashing, America’s new favorite pastime
Shawn G. Chittle

Shawn — you may be a great pilot and trainer, but your comments show that you have very little understanding of how you run a data center, and IT systems in general: this is 2016 and one designs data centers and online systems with **failure in mind** — in other words, failure is not some random act of God that may or may not happen and let’s all pray that it doesn’t happen to me…

Failure is something that *will* happen; in fact, it does happen all the time, and systems just withstand those failures: when I was at Google we had in the order of 1000’s (yes, you read that right: thousand) of computer failures *per day* and quite a few DCs went down now and then (much more rarely, luckily) — do you ever remember not being able to use Google? ever? even for a few seconds?

If Delta were a “serious” business, with their IT systems run by professionals, their CIO should now have been fired and quite a few operational directors (and, probably, managers) too.

And, BTW, “power to HQ” — is that real? or were you making this up? because, if they really have their DC housed in the same building as their HQ, they really are a bunch of muppets…

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