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Jul 19 · 6 min read

Performance drives success, but when performance can’t be measured, networks drive success. Albert-László Barabasi (The Formula)

Artists create and sell artworks, they are the sources of art. Collectors purchase and pull together artworks, they have some sense of where good art is.

Important collectors purchase works of important artists; important artists sell their works to important collectors.

SuperRare gallery’s first year of activity. Each point is a user with the number of sales on the x-axis and the number of purchases on the y-axis, while 95% percentiles are plotted as lines. Kendall’s correlation between sales and purchases is weakly negative (-0.19), confirming that sellers (artists) typically do not buy and buyers (collectors) typically do not sell.

Our proposal is meaningful for the traditional art market as well as for the emerging market of crypto art.

This defines crypto art as a real-time stream of events, more similar to financial trading than traditional art.

The SuperRare sale network during the first year of activity laid out using Sugiyama algorithm for layered directed acyclic graphs (the algorithm minimized edge crossings).


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