Group Client Project | 2-week sprint


Banjo Robinson is a child’s first pen-friend whose role is to get children to embrace literacy from an early age. He helps children to enjoy reading and writing and he’s also a cat!

The client brief

3 major areas of their website that needed to be looked into:

  • Make sure that the potential new users understand how the product works
  • Improve the collection of user details for the letter personalisation and make it engaging
  • Enhance parent/guardian’s engagement so to make sure that they regularly fill in a Post Scriptum (or PS) message used for the letter personalisation

The key requirement was to increase…

Group Concept Project | 2-week sprint

The opportunity

SpareRoom would like to improve the search tools that enable hosts to find the most suitable flatmates and vice-versa.

SpareRoom also want hosts to be able to communicate with the tenants in an efficient way, as well as give them the ability to upload documents and information.

In addition they would like to give the users the opportunity to monitor the progress of their applications.

The team

I was part of a team of 4 designers, who analysed the user needs and the existing SpareRoom application as well as the competitor offerings.

My Role

In this project my main role covered the…

Solo Concept Project | 2-week sprint

Progress Hardware case study intro image

The Challenge

Design an e-commerce website for a fictional local London hardware store.

The brief

Progress Hardware is a hardware store in the heart of Aldgate and it has been around since 1964. They are proud of supporting their neighbourhood through their great services and knowledgeable staff.

Through the new e-commerce website, they want to showcase their products, while maintaining their brand image as well as maintain their ‘small shop’ appeal and great customer service.

Their main business requirements are:

  • Have clear ways of locating specific products
  • Support a single page for each product which can be linked to directly
  • Have an efficient way…

Solo Concept Project | 2x 1-week sprint


Coming from a strong technical background, learning about the UX methodologies and processes has been exciting. What’s more intriguing for me though is the fact that I get to interact a lot more with people, understand their frustrations and their expectations.

This was the first project that I worked on after starting my UX Design Immersive course with the General Assembly in London. I had 10 weeks to prove to myself that I was ready to take on this new challenge!

In the first week I applied some of the basic concepts of UX Design, starting with user research and…

Massimo Giraldo

A former Software QA Engineer and Scrum Master who has fallen in love with UX Design, and has a genuine passion for people, technology and Science Fiction.

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