is the Best for Javascript SEO allows your Ember Java Script website to be crawled perfectly by Search Engines.

Now the Question is that How Works?

Search engines and social networks are always trying to crawl your pages, but they only see the javascript tags…

We render your javascript in a browser, save the static HTML, and you return that to the crawlers!

How to Install

Why You Should Be Using

Google Approved

Google wrote the AJAX crawling specification that follows, so your site is guaranteed to be crawled correctly by Google & other search engines.

Open Source

Want to run your own server? No problem! All of the code for our Prerender server is on GitHub, right here.

Perfect Cache

If a crawler ever tries to access a page that isn’t cached, we’ll render it on the fly and cache it afterwards. That way our cache is always 100% complete!

Blazing Fast

Your cached pages are returned super-fast. We even built our middleware so you could use Redis/Memcached for sub 5ms response times. Built for speed & scale.

Source: Massive Technolab