Build a Strong Relationship with Potential Customers through Salesforce Email Campaigns

Among several advanced marketing platforms, email marketing is known to create greater and more lucrative sales. Salesforce is a major cloud computing company that specializes in customer relationship management software. It has been designed using best in class products to help organizations obtain and keep customers.

It can be fully integrated with different email applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and lotus notes. Mass email intends to facilitate your business processes by creating different email templates in Salesforce. To stand out from the rest, you would require the professional assistance of reputable mass mailing companies such as Mass Mailer. With a huge clientele, it is trusted by customers across the globe to send emails on Salesforce.

What are the different types of email templates?

There is more than one Salesforce campaign email template. You have the option to create three types of templates including- text, HTML (with and without letterhead) and Visual force. The text and HTML templates can be created very easily. As far as Virtual force is concerned, it involves advanced merging with recipients data where the content of a template consists of information from multiple records. It is incredible that you get different template options, but try to follow the best practices for email templates.

Best practices for email templates

1. Create template folders: You should use email folders rather than filling all templates under the default in order to organize your templates. After that, set the proper access and permissions for each other.

2. Create a header banner: You can create a header banner at the top of your email template that consists of a logo and some informational text (optional). This is to ensure that the first few lines of the body text are not pushed below the fold.

3. Reduce the characters of the subject: Any subject line with more than 50 characters ends up in a third line, which hampers the visibility of the text body. If you can grab the recipient’s attention before they go ahead to scroll down, you have increased chances of expected outcomes.

4. Select a font that’s easy to read on mobile devices: With custom HTML template, you can choose the font type, size, and colour using HTML tags. To give an edge to your email, you can choose to select the fonts such as Verdana along with dark gray colour instead of going with the conventional black.

By following these simple practices, you can be sure to draw many benefits and run your email campaign successfully. Taking the expert assistance of the company like Mass Mailer can help you to reach out your potential customers and build a strong direct relationship.