An open letter to the men who want to date me.
Elizabeth Meg

why women at the age of 30 something who are not still married, are always on the side of no more patience,no more negative people? Why is their reset button always pushed on in this particularly age period? Because a baby is all that they want to have and all other matters are on the second choice. So beautiful Elizabeth, i hope you find the one you need to fullfil your dreams even if babies not included but i can assure you that second chances are for human mistakes and whatever happened to you, happened because you let it happen. No men are bad if we dont leave them to treat this way. You suffered because you invested. Relationships do not include investments. When you try to build in a man then you will buy a built in man. Safety will be there, romance will be absent. If you go with the flow, you will find romance, you will find lessons, you will find life, you will find mistakes, you will find gaps, you will find adventure, you will find passion, you will find liberty. You propably will find your dreams guy and through red,sparking,hot internal gravity of your sensual auras you will live with out any limits or bountries.

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