The End of the American Experiment
umair haque

Harsh but fair.

Even if there was some hidden benefit to having the worlds best funded military by a factor of many, the highest prison population in the world also by orders of magnitude, in a vast prison system, & simultaneously the worst funded per-capita public services in the G20 by a similar margin, and even if the rhetoric about access to health care being a choice not a right etc revealed some unique truth accessible only to red state American politicians, the decaying state of the kind of public infrastructure that America grudgingly admits it _does_ support & need through gritted teeth is indicative of a deep & abiding sickness. From the New York subway system to the freeway system to dams & spillways to the Flint water supply system, to public schools in many cities, America is regressing towards the pre-industrial age by entropy & decay, unable to do what it knows needs to be done to arrest the decline in, let alone modernise, the infrastructure it knows it cannot survive without.

The people of Flint are still dying a little every day because their water system was broken by politicians & now those politicians, still in office rather than jail, are ostentatiously pretending there’s not a problem so they don’t have to explain why don’t intend to fix it, & nobody not actually in Flint seems that bothered. I assume that when major freeway bridges & overpasses start to fall into rivers & collapse onto city streets with increasing frequency over the coming years, they will be left where they fall while congress wrangles over how to fund repairs, & at some point one of the big hydro schemes is going to fail catastrophically due to lack of maintenance & repair & either wipe out a lot of agriculture, wash a town or two away, black out half a state or all of the above at once, & America has lost the capacity to do anything but blink foolishly at the entirely predictable catastrophe & then fight over whether it really happened because god was allegedly angry that too many women use birth control. In 20 years time, with the terrible trends in most of the US education system, the US won’t have the intellectual capital in the working age population to solve any of these problems even if it wants to.

From over here, it’s like watching a man with dementia sitting in a hot tub grinning foolishly while a school of piranhas eat him from the toes up. They’ve reached the torso now, & are simultaneously chewing on vital organs essential to our protaganists life, and eating any hope of a different future by lunching on his genetalia.

Oh well, you had a good run. We managed a degree of global hegemony for about 140 years or so, give or take, so your 70 years to date is a cameo, in historical terms… who knew that the rot would set in from within for the US?

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