How to upload content to project page on Github

This is the process of sucessfully uploading my first project to Github page after reading 10+ different versions of tutorials.

If you have developed a webpage on local computer and want to use the free domain/service of Github to host it, follow the steps:

  1. Create repo on github website

2. Open terminal

  • // Retrieve a copy of your GitHub repo.
  • git clone
     // Move into that directory.
     cd repository
  • git rm -rf . # Remove all files from the old working tree
  • git checkout — orphan gh-pages
If you already had files in the master branch of your GitHub repo you now need to delete these from the new gh-pages branch. To do this you can use the following command:
  • git rm -rf .

3. In your computer folder, move the content for uploading into the repo folder

4. On terminal

  • git add . #add files to repo
  • git commit -a -m “Adding pages” #create commit to server
  • git push origin gh-pages #update server

Debugging resource:

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