Once I sat beside Danube,
and I remembered a girl once I knew.

I saw wind drifting over Danube, as blue as history,
and I remembered her hair, as golden as sun,
and they were dancing to a thousand unwritten waltzes.

I saw blue and green and brown everywhere,
and I remembered a girl who painted every ugliness in town with her charm.

I saw stones, rolling on each other, playing with gravity,
and I remembered her bosom ... white, soft, fine
... heavy as the burden of fate on my shoulders.

I saw the sky, with one or two clouds,
and I remembered her body, ephemeral, ethereal,
and how my hand passed through her.

I saw walkers, runners, bikers passing by,
their skin sweating, their limps bouncing,
and I imagined her body, entangled in my body,
in a passionate dance of cosmic significance,
... Ah! The distance between us measured in light years!

I saw the ice cream truck, strolling on the other side,
red as her lips,
and I remembered how they melted in the heat of another kiss, with another man, in another land.

I saw a tiny current of water, coming from a spring deep inside,
its water as pure as her eyes, as shiny as my tears,
defeating the mighty Danube,
and I remembered how she faded into time.

I saw two swans, kissing, making love,
on the blue carpet,
and I thought of love everlasting,
and how It didn’t last.

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