A Conservative snipit

Wow, I turn on the TV and there are riots because Trump was elected President. Who would have thought? Just a couple observations, I want to keep it at snipit level not an essay.

I listen to Rahm Emanuel stand in defense of Chicago as a sanctuary city. I guess, defying Trump to do something about it. Does that mean Chicago is the sanctuary city test case? Is it now relegated to a mid-west country that is about to have sanctions levied against it? I wonder, how can Emanuel can defend the indefensible?

Is Emanuel really saying, if you are a felon, murderous or not, you can come here and we’ll protect you from the long arm of the federal government? Answer is yes. I heard it right from his mouth.

Is that the way liberals really think? I refuse to think so, but the evidence points to the contrary.

I’m sure there are a few young first time voters out there. Those that were ten-years-old when Obama came to power. They have yet to follow seven presidential cycles as I have to realize that the campaign rhetoric is only a hint of reality, a shadow of what is going to take place if elected.

Trump has already softened his stance on illegal aliens. He has modified his take on Obama care. Yet, he wants tightening of laws like five years in prison automatically for use of a firearm in the act of a crime. Only his caveat on that is no parole, no early release for good behavior — you do your five years, period. He wants the military to put a plan together for nailing down ISIS in 30 days. Do you think we can’t do it? I’ll bet we can.

On and on…

End of snipit

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