How many articles can you find that are curse free? That don’t have the f-word or a variety of other four-letter words peppered throughout. Not many.

Even some of the well thought out pieces, with solid logic and references making a well convincing argument are fouled.

It is such a detractor for me. When I was Chief and senior petty officer in the Navy I wrote evaluations for my men. On the evaluation form was a line “Communicates well orally and in writing”. Typically, marked with the highest marks automatically.

I know it’s a personal thing. But, I was in charge so I fairly exercised my authoritative muscles. I told them, fine curse if you must, just don’t curse when talking to me. I don’t consider a foul-mouth as communicating well orally. And, except for an occasional slip, they didn’t.

Don’t think I’m a prude. I’ve posted an article on my change of course from being a foul-mouth lout. It isn’t easy to stop, especially when cursing use is instilled in our brains as emphasis, or accent; thus sounding perfectly normal.

Please, before depressing the Publish, go back through your piece and change out the curses to something more meaningful. I would appreciated it.

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