The Polarizing Rhetoric of the Left is Scary
Emma Lindsay

I think it is highly commendable that such a middle of road article such as this is written. I think it does help to take the edge off the sharp divide between far right and left ideologies.

I particularly like the supposition of seeking alternate reasons for why people say and do what they do. I can give a first hand example of perception.

I just came from the hospital where my mother was just being pulled back from the brink of dying, again.

I had a handful of scripts to drop off at Walmart so she would have the medicines when she got home. Her days were numbered. She couldn’t tolerate dialysis and more.

As I entered Walmart I was thinking about her. The automatic doors opened and I started walking in and a man pushing a cart out accompanied by a woman spoke out. “Idiot, this is the exit side.”

It took a few seconds for that to penetrate my mind. I stopped and looked at the couples retreating backs as they went on out to the parking lot. I almost, cried. Then turned in the scripts.

Do you suppose, if that man knew my circumstance that he would have been so harsh about my infraction of the rules by entering the exit side of Walmart. I doubt it. But, I don’t know, maybe he would.

I know people that would have instantly gone through all the JACA steps had that happened to them and pounded the crap out of that guy. After feeling sorry for myself, I felt sorry for him.

So, in the spirit of this article let’s all take a chill-pill and participate with decorum.

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