Poetry in passing

Thank Lord for the time I’ve had

I knew not the fashioning of my existence
As I stood there among my brothers and sisters.
I waited word as to where I would go.
My heart leapt with joy when I received the word.
To a family in the latter days, I would go
That were waiting my spirit in calm anticipation.
I arrived crying and now I go out smiling. 
It has all been worth it.
There were ups and downs and some regrets.
I could have been better and I could have be worst, 
A lot worse. But, I wasn’t. 
Thus, I’m proud of what I’ve done.
Sure it hurts, the morphine drip works. 
I knew they are there, I can sense them.
My children and theirs and my brothers and sisters.
All come to say, “I’ll see you later.” 

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