What if you aren’t damaged?
Jon Westenberg

There are two main ways to turn from weakness and fault, in my view.

First is environment. We either evolve or de-evolve according to those we chose to be around, work or play. The old cliche “Birds of a feather flock together”. That that entails making a decision will I be like them or will I be an example for them.

Second, is epiphanies. That is the main process by which I think I have improved as a person. One day, I’ll just be trucking along and kapow. Kapow, I resolved to stop cursing. Kapow, I went back to school. Kapow, I started going to church regularly. Kapow, I started thinking outside of myself.

Everyone is right, perfection is out. But, improvement is in. I certainly am not as good as some I admire, but I sure am not a bad a lot when it comes to personal faults.

By the way. I am a morning person, never had problems with getting out of bed on time (usually early).

Kapow, I just read a great article by Jon.