White Death

Death is white, or 
Be it gray, black or else
All complex mechanisms wear out
There is no reason to pout.

It all lies in the in between
In the place it is all about.
In the beginning I didn’t share
I said, mine took it back without doubt.

What did tears matter, not in the plan.
Deep seated desires not yet realized
That comes from hormonal shifts
Not yet specialized.

Then it happens, I begin to care
Whither your feelings I need to spare.
Where in the hell did that come from?
That is truly a conundrum.

Truthfulness, courage and integrity
Means little with out honor bared
Projected image that others see
Is the real genuine me.

Love creeps up like tide on the shore
Till it fills the soul then begins to soar
Taking in Mom and Dad, Wife and Children, 
Until all the world is in my feelings.

Is the harm I’ve done restituted?
Is the harm done me all forgiven?
Then when death comes to claim me
I embrace the death that’s white given me.

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