We are proud to announce that we have deployed the entire Commonwealth.gg smart contract infrastructure on Ethereum, along side ETC. All funds are safe, and everything will continue running as normal.

ETH Commonwealth (New: $eWLTH) https://eth.commonwealth.gg

ETC Commonwealth (Original $WLTH): https://commonwealth.gg

We have officially deployed the ETH contract here, and it is the exact same economics and code as the ETC contract we all know. It uses similar wallet infrastructure. Take a moment to read our white-paper to better understand the long-term vision of Commonwealth. This is our long term plan:

We are happy to share the new Commonwealth.gg rebrand with all of our users and share information about how rebranding of the site will go:

First of all welcome our new logo!

The whale tail signifies long life and stability amongst rough seas.

The key and shield represents the security provided by the smart contract.

The blue green represents the colors of the earth, the sea and land that make the Commonwealth.

We will be rebranding in two stages:

Stage 1 (Next week):

  • We will change the logos on the website (Home Page as well as Wallet)
  • Change the logo on Twitter, Medium and Discord.
  • We will…

We’re proud to announce the release of a new investor tool in the Commonwealth.gg ecosystem — the Financial Independence Calculator.

What is it?

The calculator is a tool that can be found here:


that allows you to gauge performance of Commonwealth portfolio over different periods of time. Some of the questions you can answer with the calculator are:

  • If I put in $500 worth of ETC 6 months ago, how much would I have earned in dividends by today?
  • How many dividends would I have gotten over a 30 day period with $10,000?
  • How much of the total Point…

After much work, we’re proud to announce the official release of Commonwealth Tribes. Tribes is a fun way for groups of people to invest in Commonwealth profitably, and with reduced risk — they also are another step towards our goal of highly personalized fully digital nations.

Play Now (https://commonwealth.gg/tribes.html)

What is a Tribe? A tribe is an immutable smart contract that you deposit ETC into at a set price, with a name, and a membership capacity. Once you put your ETC into the tribe, you can pull out at any time. Your tribal membership is tied to your wallet address…

The job of the Airdropper, is to help spread Commonwealth points by giving airdrops to new users in the Discord. The airdropper will get a reward at the end! Here is what you need to do to become a Commonwealth Airdropper:

1. If new person comes to the discord, make sure they are a real human.

2. If they are real, ask them if they have an ETC wallet (either Trust Wallet, for Mobile, or Nifty Wallet for Chrome) — make sure it is on ETC Mode

It’s been a tremendous journey from 2,000 ETC in our smart contract to over 12,000 ETC right now. We always expected it to get here, but its amazing that it has happened. Our goal is to grow 10x year over year.

1–100 ETC in 2018

1,000–10,000 ETC in 2019

10,000 to 100,000 ETC in 2020

To continue this growth trajectory, we think it’s time for a new name. P3C.io is simple, effective, and holds a place in our heart, but it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, and it was time to come up with something new.

New Name: Commonwealth

One of the most important features of Commonwealth is the ability to generate a referral link. This allows developers, merchants, and community members who build wallets and services to monetize their work without having to use advertisements.

When user buys with normal mode: 10% of the amount being used to buy Points gets distributed as a community fee. 90% goes to user account.

When user buys with referral link: 3% of the amount being used to buy goes to the developer, 7% community fee. 90% goes to user account.

How to Make a Referral Link (Simple):

The eBomb community, has generously gifted the P3C community 210,210 eBomb ($POW) tokens and a role as a Legendary Guardian.

We will airdrop 500 tokens for each new user who

  1. Joins the P3C discord (https://discord.gg/crjsdJr)
  2. Posts their ETC address to the #ebomb-token channel. (Download Saturn wallet if you have a computer, or Trust wallet for a phone)
  3. (BONUS) Join the Ethereum-Classic official Discord for 100 tokens (https://discordapp.com/invite/HW4GckH) — mention this next to your address.
  4. (BONUS) post an extra message about why you are interested in eBomb and what you see it being useful for! …

P3C — The planetary Prosperity Project. An Algorithmic Bank for the World

The first step to interacting with P3C via Web3 is to instantiate the contracts. Make sure this is the top of your document, and fill in the contracts.farm.abi and contracts.farm.address with the information found here:

Just copy and paste the info in that document in at top.

var farmContract = web3.eth.contract(contracts.farm.abi).at(contracts.farm.address);var p3cContract = web3.eth.contract(contracts.p3c.abi).at(contracts.p3c.address);var cropAbi = web3.eth.contract(contracts.crop.abi).at(XXXXXXXX)

If the user has a crop created, you take their crop address, and replace the XXXXXX with it.

You can find the library where all of the possible wallet interactions here: https://github.com/p3c-bot/p3c-bot.github.io/blob/master/lib/farm.js

If the user does not have a crop…

We’re proud to announce the launch of P3C.tv — A global livestream network, open to all, that allows streamers to grow passive income from every tips that flows through the platform.

Discord: https://discord.gg/crjsdJr

What is P3C.tv? P3C.tv is a website, you can go to it here (https://p3c.tv) that livestreamers (gamers, IRL streamers, etc.) can point their running Youtube live stream to, kind of like a television channel. It is fully youtube compatible, and integrates a passive income layer on top of regular youtube payments. Viewers can leave tips as well a 140 character message on the stream, and the streamer…


Official Medium for Commonwealth.gg (formerly P3C.io)

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