Announcement: All P3C Ad Revenue now goes to support Gastracker.

In light of the recent funding issues with Gastracker and ETC-Dev. We have decided to push all revenue from the P3C ad service to support — the first and largest block explorer for Ethereum Classic. We will be sending funds to the address, specified on the site, below:


The way our ad service works, is that a user can go to and take out a 140 character ad, with a small picture- much like an ad on Etherscan. The ad is purchased in ETC, and the data is committed to the Ethereum Classic blockchain. After a confirmation, the data is then scraped by a server which serves it over the endpoint here: . This ad is viewable even if you do not have an ETC wallet. We filter for code injection, and bad language on the server before we host the ad.

The smart contract uses a time-based alogrithm, with a resting price of .1 ETC to ensure that the ad is properly priced, but also cheap enough for all to use. When the ad is purchased, the funds are immediately sent to the Gastracker wallet, trustlessly and instantly.

The ad is displayed on a number of sites in the ETC ecosystem, with a variety of viewers:

  • Discord Bot in the P3C chatroom — we hope to be able to attach this bot to the main ETC Discord to increase the value of the ad spot.

So far, we have earned a respectable amount daily from these ads, and we hope to share this revenue stream with Gastracker to help them cover their server costs, and continue contributing to ETC. Running nodes and servers are expensive, and many exchanges wouldn’t list Ethereum Classic if it wasn’t for the work of Splix and Gastracker.

Transactions can be audited separately on Blockscout.

Classic is Coming.

— Immutability Samurai