How to become a Commonwealth Airdropper

Feb 9 · 2 min read

The job of the Airdropper, is to help spread Commonwealth points by giving airdrops to new users in the Discord. The airdropper will get a reward at the end! Here is what you need to do to become a Commonwealth Airdropper:

1. If new person comes to the discord, make sure they are a real human.

2. If they are real, ask them if they have an ETC wallet (either Trust Wallet, for Mobile, or Nifty Wallet for Chrome) — make sure it is on ETC Mode

Send ETC to a User

3. Once they make account, send them .005 ETC — tell them to make a crop at and then send Crop address (see picture). If they need help send them the youtube video. Confirm they recieved funds on Blockscout. Good crop creations look like this:

Step 2, Successful Crop Creation


4. Airdropper Sends Points (10 , 20 , 50, 100) to a user depending on whether you think they deserve a lot.

To become an official Airdropper, you need to give me ETC address and Crop address. If you are approved I will send you .5 ETC and 500 Points to begin.

When you have finished airdropping people, I will give a reward!


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