P3C Official Exchange Information

P3C is an open-source project and can be listed on any exchange without permission. It is also experimental software and is released to run on Ethereum Classic (ETC), a platform where code is law.

Token Type: ERC-20
Ticker Symbol: P3C
Blockchain: Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Smart Contract: 0xDe6FB6a5adbe6415CDaF143F8d90Eb01883e42ac
Current Supply: Variable, can be queried from smart contract
Max Supply: 204,939,006 (assuming all ETC possible is in contract)

About: Commonwealth is a peer-to-peer algorithmic bank that mints P3C via a smart contract. When ETC is deposited or withdrawn from the contract a 10% dividend is paid proportionally and instantly to every holder. This micro-dividend is used to provide long term income stability to those without access to banks across the world. It is also used as a currency for online applications and to pay for things.

Official Website: https://p3c.io
Official Whitepaper: https://p3c.io/commonwealth.pdf

Recommended Wallet: https://p3c.io/pure.html
Source Code (can be run locally): https://github.com/p3c-bot/p3c-bot.github.io
Security Audit: Contract is Callisto Certified https://github.com/EthereumCommonwealth/Auditing/issues/15

Official Chat: https://discord.gg/crjsdJr
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/P3COfficial
Official Blog: https://medium.com/@masterhax/
API Docs: https://github.com/p3c-bot/api/blob/master/README.md

Official Medium for Commonwealth.gg (formerly P3C.io)