P3C Project update 11/7/2018

Thank you for your interest in P3C, The Planetary Prosperity Project.

Our goal is ambitious: build an economically feasible and sustainable system of global income, available to everyone on Earth. To accomplish this, we are using the immutable Ethereum Classic blockchain to transparently secure funds via smart-contracts and power a suite of decentralized, autonomous services to provide concrete value to the ecosystem.

Here’s a brief progress update about what we’ve been cooking, since our economy launched on July 2nd 2018, and what’s rolling out now:

Current Indicators:
2,592 ETC in the economy. 
243 Members in the Discord Chat. 
18 Ads taken out between 10/29–11/5 — delivering .36 ETC to the economy.

Our medium-term objective is to build a scalable system for gig workers to post/take jobs, earn a verified reputation, all while accruing a portion of income via P3C. This provides more opportunities for freelancers, higher trust from users, and greater prosperity for the community as a whole. According to Forbes, 56.7 million Americans work as freelancers, and the majority of U.S. workers will be freelancing by 2027 if current rates continue. 64% of freelancers said they find jobs online.

We expect all of these numbers to increase globally, and at a much faster rate.

Applications built on top of P3C:

We’ve partnered with a moving company in Florida to handle escrow payments on the blockchain, pay their subcontractors in P3C, and provide more layers for reputation indicators. More details will be coming as we get closer to launch.

Reputation Module: The biggest bottleneck to gig economy work is the reputation of the freelancer. We have a new system which enables freelancers to earn a reputation from their work that flows between jobs. We also let users tip to reinforce the delightful encounters.

Cryptocurrency/Smart Contract Work:

On track to complete testing and beta implementation of our smart-contract upgrade pattern that reaffirms our belief in never leaving users behind, yet also encourages the addition of new features.

Zeronet: A code change was submitted by a community member allowing P3C to be pushed to Zeronet, a peer-to-peer alternate internet that has over 7000 users globally. This will make P3C more resilient, and opens our community ad-network to a greater audience.

Automatic Reinvestment: Part of the planned smart contract upgrades allow other community members to automatically compound dividends on your behalf through a process similar to mining — we prefer the term farming. And yes, there will be a farmer’s market. This is currently under security audit.

POA DappDirect: To increase the reach of our community ad network we launched a version of DappDirect for POA (Proof of Authority chain), an Ethereum version is coming soon.

To conclude, we look forward to the fruits of these strategic partnerships, community engagements, and market approaches. We will continue to share our progress.

Learn more on our website. Or interact directly with us via our chat room.

Thank you.