How to get GIT Bash for Unity

  • GIT is a command line editor that allows GIT to interact with UNITY. To use GITHUB first you need to download the GITBASH file to your OS. copy the link and paste it to your URL
Be sure to click on your respected user interface
  • Once its installed go through all the default installations settings of your choice. when done hit finish
when your here you have the option to launch or view notes (I recommend launching from here as it was easier for me )

When you launch GIT Bash your going to want to create a new repository.

* Creating a repository allows GIT to remotely access files.

  • On this step find your Unity folder and open in. right click and open GITBASH. this will remotely access your unity folder. To see all the files in this folder type ls after the $. Ls is a short command for list. this will list all your files in the folder . To change the directory type cd to change directory. Once you have changed directories your are now working in that specific directory in unity.



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