Are You Ready To Party Like It’s 1985?!?

The Mastermind 2018 80’s Party! Costume Ideas, Costume Contest Categories and a FREE CRUISE GIVEAWAY!

Are you ready to PARTY?F

This year at Mastermind 2018, we’re bringing back the 80’s — the mullets, slap-bracelets, mix-tapes, Rubik’s cube…

And there’s even a costume contest, with prizes for best homemade costume, team costume and one HUGE prize giveaway you won’t want to miss.

When: Saturday, Oct 14, 8:30 PM
Where: Mastermind Event 2018
What to Bring: A rocking’ costume & your best dance moves!

It’s going to be all about FUN, NETWORKING and MEMORIES!

The only thing bigger than the shoulder pads… will be the hair!

Plus… there will be a CRUISE GIVEAWAY!

You could be the lucky “Direct Selling 2019 Cruise” contest! The cruise sets sail in February… and you could be on-board!

And Costume Contests! Win Great Prizes!

Here are the categories!

•Best Original Costume
•Best Home-Made Costume
•Best Couple Costume
•Best Team Costume
•Best Rocker Hair
•Best Movie Character
•Best Villain
•Worst Dressed
•Best 80’s MLMer

Who is going to WIN at The Mastermind 2018 80’s Party?
Here’s the BEST VILLAIN trophy!

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ‘memory jogger’ costume ideas…

Your favorite Star Wars character? Pop Star? Madonna. Cyndi Lauper. Prince. Heavy Metal rocker? Poison. Guns N’ Roses. Bon Jovi. Motely Crue. Feathered Hair. Neon. “Weird Al” Yankovic. Shoulder pads. George Michael.

Fingerless gloves. Leg warmers. Slashed sweatshirts. Hight tops. Run DMC. Flashdance. MC Hammer pants. Scrunch socks. Scrunchies. Parachute pants. Back To the Future. Tron. Max Headroom. Converse chucks. Vans. Skateboarders. Freddie Mercury. Acid washed jeans. Spandex. Big hair. The side ponytail.

‍Michael Jordan. The Chicago Bulls. LA Lakers. Detroit Pistons. Fanny pack. Mullet. Pac Man. The Breakfast Club. Pretty In Pink. Heathers. Scarface. Ghostbusters. Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Footloose. Pop your collar. Headbands. High-waisted jeans. Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Dynasty. Dallas. Cheers. Simpsons. Seinfeld.

Plus, DJ Per from Sweden will be mixing the best 80’s songs live on stage, sure to bring back fun memories!

Want your favorite song to play during the party? Vote for your favorite song in the attendee-only Facebook group.

Don’t have your Mastermind 2018 ticket yet? Get your ticket today!

We can’t wait to see YOU there!

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