London Fashion Week and Men’s Street Style

The Fashion industry is worth billions of pounds to the British Economy, and four times a year the world’s best fashion designers descend on London to showcase their latest pieces, which gives us an indication of what will be fashionable in the next six months. Along with designers, models, makeup artists, fashion writers and photographers add to the fashion frenzy.

Fashion writers and photographers are eager to catch the whole atmosphere of the event, from who was seen on the front row, to whose show was the most lavish. It’s the Street Style photos many people look forward to, a chance to see what ‘normal’ people wore to the shows.

As someone who has attended a few fashion weeks myself, I know how crazy it can be. Three days of not eating properly due to having to write endless show reports. Trying to fit a DSLR camera, a tablet and show invites in to bag that was only designed to carry a couple of sheets of paper. Reminding yourself you are nothing (NOTHING!) standing next to David Gandy.

However, it’s finding something to wear that proves most challenging. No one, regardless of your level of interest in the whole thing, wants to be deemed unfashionable at a fashionable event. That renders you an outsider. Sacré bleu! But what exactly gets you noticed and on the ‘Best Dressed’ list?

Women’s Street Style photos feature largely sensible outfits; heels, hair, a splash of pattern here and there. Men’s Street Style, especially this season, seems to have taken a turn for the worst.

Little Johnny on his first day of Nursery.

There have always been a few Mad Hatters that come to London Fashion Week purely seeking attention, but this season attention seems to have been the must have item. One particular trend that was quite baffling was men turning up topless with coats. We may be having an usually warm September, and the nineties may be back in fashion, but it’s not an early nineties rap video. Unfortunately, photographers and fashion writers gave these people what they wanted, and were all too eager to snap a photo.

Where is PETA when you need them?

Fashion may be about expressing one’s self, but seeing adults wear literally anything to be perceived as an individual with stylistic flair pains the soul, and somehow goes against what London Fashion Week is all about. Fashion isn't about who wears the loudest clothes, or who can (shambolically) incorporate the most trends into one outfit. It is about representing one’s self using clothes. So if wearing a dead animal across your neck, or dressing like a child is your thing, then fine. But please don’t try and be something you’re not.

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