Concept Art By Chema JM Cuellar

Tourism in Chinatown was already suffering due to the media’s coverage of Ying Yang. Detectives on the case had nothing.

Police Captain Frank Callahan was not happy. He was a few years away from
retirement, after 25 years with the department.

The fifty-year-old, didn’t have any tolerance for excuses. All he wanted were
results. Chinatown was out of control.

Frank was stuffed into the tiny office and sat behind a large wooden desk. His bulky frame guarded pictures of his family him.

Judi studied Frank’s wrinkled brow which was an indication of his displeasure while Gavin sat next to her, messaging someone on his phone.

“You guys aren’t giving me anything to work with here! You’ve been on this case for three months” said Frank.

“Long you were assigned to me because of your familiarity with Chinese culture. You’re supposed to be the one who infiltrates the great wall of silence that exists here in Chinatown” Gavin and Judi sigh.

The captain diverts his attention towards Gavin and says “And you, pain in the ass, you’re here because of the work you did in Philly’s Chinatown. The two of you haven’t given me anything to work with. Absolutely nothing!” said Frank.


“Jai’s family is responsible for gambling, prostitution, and extortion. You
should have been able to tie one of those activities to the wonder drug that they’re moving on the street” said Frank.

“Captain, we’re having a hard time. No one, absolutely no one wants to talk about Jai’s family. Aside from that, we’ve got a vigilante running loose. It’s not an impossible case. It’s just not that simple” pleads Gavin.

“That’s why the city of New York pays you guys all the big bucks. We need you to make it simple!” said Frank.

Judy shook her head in frustration and stared at the floor thinking “How much more of this bullshit?”

Frank took a break from yelling and read a report on his desk.

“Ying Yang a drug known for its high potency, addiction and deadly after effects has claimed the lives of twenty-four Chinatown residents in the last week. A vigilante has been sighted in Chinatown, waging war with the cities organized crime families. Reports of a madman stealing bodies from the cemetery …” said Frank.

Frank sat back in his chair and stared intently at Judi and Gavin. His face was a light pink. Frank sighed, leaned forward and puts his hands together momentarily as if he was about to engage in prayer. He had no other course of action but to plead with them.

“Look. People are complaining. I have been getting calls from the mayor’s office and the district attorney all week. I don’t care what you two have to do. Just get me some answers soon. Please, I need something, or I’m going to have to put you on something else or possibly reassign you to another precinct” said Frank.

Breaking the silent discomfort, Judi said: “We have a lead!”

Frank looked at her with disbelief. Gavin rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair. Frank turned his attention to another report on his desk. “Please tell me that you’re not talking about this. The black kid who delivers Chinese
food. This is not a lead. A lead is someone who provides details about Tony Jai’s death or someone who helps us find out where Ying Yang is being distributed from. What about the big wig who just flew in?” asked Frank.

“Who? Lo?” asks Gavin.

“Yeah, what about this guy? What do you two have on him?” asked Frank.

Judi and Gavin said nothing. They knew that whatever response they provided would be incorrect.

“I need something from you two in two weeks. Now get out! Send Dugid and Smalls in on your way out!” commanded Frank.

Judi and Gavin left the office with a mixture of feelings. Gavin murmured some words to the officers who sat outside of Frank’s office. They stood and shook his hand and exchanged words before they entered the office.

Gavin walked behind Judi but his words were ignored. Judi knew she could do better than this.

Judi still believed in her gut feelings, and on this evening, she and her partner would finally see some results from their hard work.