“Where is he?” asked Denise.

The super sexy young Chinese woman had been Club Sin’s manager just as long as she had been intimate with Tony Jai. She went into Tony’s office an hour earlier and she was greeted by Mr. Lo who provided nothing other than a dismissive snark when she inquired of Tony’s whereabouts. Something was wrong and she could not figure out what was going on.

Denise sent Tony several text messages, but there was no answer. There was a knock on the door and a worker asked about an order he placed. Denise placed her phone on the desk and exited the office.

Judi and Gavin headed towards the front of the club in order to speak to management. The knew something was about to happen. Judi thought about calling for backup but they decided to investigate first.

The two parted the groups of young men and women congregated outside of the club. They walked with an air police awkwardness and make their way towards the entrance of the club.

The two bouncers at the door are Chinese men who wore the traditional Jai family attire — black suit and white shirt. As Judi and Gavin proceed into the club, a bouncer attempted to stop them.

“Hey, you two have to get back in line!”

Judi looks at the bouncer with confusion and then displayed her badge.

The bouncer turned and whispered something into his headset and then escorted the two of them inside.

“Guys, a hostess will meet you here in a second!” said the bouncer.

Gavin nodded at him while Judi scoped the layout. It was the first time that Judi had been into the club. Gavin had visited the establishment with a friend several months ago and didn’t think it conflicted with police procedure. 
The interior of the club was highlighted by long white walls and fluorescent lights that made everyone’s clothing glow.

Denise walked towards Judi and Gavin and then barked some orders to a bouncer in her mother tongue. Gavin could see a dragon tattoo on her back.

“How can I help you?” said the hostess, whose tone was highly dismissive.

“We need to speak to the club manager immediately! Is Tony Jai here?” asked Judi.

“Now the police are looking for Tony. Something must be seriously wrong” Denise thought to herself “No problem, I’ll be right back.”

She left front lobby area and there were what seemed like hundreds of eyes staring at Judi and Gavin.

After five minutes, they realized that they would not hear from the hostess.

Judi pointed towards the door and the before the bouncer could motion her in, the two of them were inside, working there way through the crowd.




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