Masternever was overwhelmed. He had several powerful new adversaries and he was still without an understanding of the scroll. He returned to me, somehow knowing that I could assist him with his journey. He returned to my lair late one evening.

As he walked down the stairs that led to my lair, he saw new murals. The first was a portrait of Meng battling Mr. Lo. His former master was heavily bruised and bleeding. Masternever walked towards the mural and touched it with his hands.

He thought about Meng’s safety.

“Was the mural a glimpse of the future?” he asked himself.

He then walked to the next mural. He saw himself battling Mr. Lo, who had the fighting spirit of Zhou Tong. The Soul Stealer stood by idly in the background.

When he finally entered the inner lair, I sat at my desk, working on a document that I would reveal to him later.

As he got closer, I closed the document.

“I want to thank you for your help!”

“My help? For what?” asked Masternever.

I turned towards him and in my hand, I revealed his musical device.

“You left your music machine here. It was a great help to me.”

Masternever was confused. “Oh, thanks. My iPod. I was hoping it was here. What did you need it for?” he asks me, as I returned it to him.

At that moment, I started interpreting a vision. I closed my eyes.

“It has proven to be the element that was seen in my vision. It was this tool that I used to begin creating your style.”

As I speak, I am seeing more and more. Slowly I am seeing his style come to fruition.

“You used my iPod to create my style?” he asked with concern.

“The machine ushered forth enlightenment. It proved to be the key ingredient, in knowing your person. Your machine was filled with knowledge, rhymes, riddles and poetry. I listened to these masters of rhyme deliver forth their knowledge with such speed, power, and force that I knew that I must create a style that emulated that force.”

“So then you’re done?” asked Masternever.

I could sense the eagerness in his voice. “Not yet. Once I’m done, I will give you your style!”

Masternever then thinks on the mural outside my lair. I feared having to explain its contents to him.

“I saw a picture of Meng outside. Why is he fighting?” he asked.

I knew this would be hard for the young master to hear. I open my eyes.

“Masternever, please sit here. Meng was here earlier.”

He became excited and very curious.

“Meng was here? For what?” he asks.

For at that time, I could not bring myself to explain the reason for Meng’s visit in its entirety. Much of that would be explained by Meng himself.

“It was the first time I had seen him in a great many years,” I said, as I walk towards the center of the room, where many of Meng’s belongings lay, neatly stacked against the wall.

“Meng came here to say goodbye. He left many of his belongings here, and a note for you.”

Masternever saw the pile of belongings. He recognized some of the blankets and robes that were a part of the pile. I walked to him and handed him the letter that was provided by his master. His hand trembled when he received it.

As he read, I fell into a vision and saw Meng as the letter was read.

“Arious, my dear friend. We have traveled a great distance together”

I saw Meng in his apartment. He stood in front of a mirror. He wore his fighting attire of old. The straw hat. The infamous black suit and black cape. He fitted his outfit with great precision. His face was filled with rage. He was ready for war.

I saw Meng and Mr. Lo engaged in battle on an isolated street in Chinatown. Meng had come to me, to find Mr. Lo.

His letter to Masternever read this way “It has been an honor and a pleasure to be a part of your life. As a teacher and more importantly, a friend, there is much you do not understand. Soon, you will learn more about the great powers that have been bestowed upon you…”

I then saw Meng losing the battle. He faired badly.

“…You will always be my friend. For now and forever. I must do something that will ensure your safety in the future.”

I saw Meng on the ground. He is bruised heavily in the face, and he is bleeding from his eyes and mouth. Mr. Lo stood above him laughing. Meng looked up at Mr. Lo, with an almost sinister smile on his face. Meng knew that he will be redeemed.

Mr. Lo’s disposition changed. He delivered a final kick to Meng.

My vision comes to a glorious end.

Meng’s body then became a possession of the Soul Stealer. The Soul Stealer knew he could not take his soul, but he reveled in the delight of eating a Neverending Master’s flesh.

“Remember my friend. You will never be alone. Your friend, Meng.”

Masternever threw the letter on the floor. At seeing this, I become hurt for my new acquaintance. There is so much I cannot tell him now.

“What does this mean? Where is Meng?” asked Masternever.

“He left some time ago, to fight your adversary. It is too late for you to save him now. He has gone to the location of your adversaries. He has made this decision for your benefit.”

My answer did not console him. He turned and started to leave the lair.

“It is too late! Meng has made the sacrifice for you!”

My words fell short. Masternever left my lair, angry and wanting to know if everything I said was true.

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