Judi discover’s critical information regarding the Jai family…


Judi was tired, confused and upset. She started her car, overwhelmed with emotions. “Where was Arious going?” she wondered.

Her thoughts shifted to the Jai family. She decided to follow up on Club Sin. “What was going on there?” Judi thought to herself.

As she drove towards Club Sin, her phone rang. The display indicated that it was someone at the police station. She turned the phone off and hit the accelerator.

She turned into the street where Club Sin was located, it was eerily quiet and desolate — as if the entire neighborhood was under investigation. She noticed that the entrance was still taped off.

Judi drove to the rear of the club. She noticed that the door on the rear had been damaged, but was held in place with a chain. The lot was empty and she turned her car around facing the entrance of the lot, in case there was any emergency.

She exited the car with several rounds of ammunition and a flashlight. From her trunk, she obtained a sledgehammer and headed towards the door.

Judy swung the hammer several times before shattering the chain. She entered, closing the door behind her, placing the sledgehammer on the ground.

Her flashlight revealed the chaos of the night before. Glass, torn paper and streaks of Gavin’s blood were on the marble floor. The sight pained her as she thought on her deceased partner. Despite her suffering, she continued.

After searching several offices, she came across what was previously Tony Jai’s office. She saw the gaping hole in the window that led to Club Sin below.

Judi shifted her focus from the damage to several file cabinets against a wall. She began reviewing the files that seemed to be nothing but invoices.

At that moment, back in Queens. Arious sat in front of his mother’s tombstone. He wept. He thought of his mother and Meng.

Sadness gave way to confusion. “Why had he accepted this role? Why couldn’t he have a regular life?” He thought.

Minutes later, his confusion gave way to anger. He stood and wiped his tears. He thought on revenge. He left the cemetery with thoughts of sending his enemies to their own grave.

After an hour of reviewing files, Judi stumbled upon a number of invoices for the “JAI GINSENG TEA CO.” She recalled some discussion in the office about the corrupt and shady looking warehouse months ago. It was the best lead that she had.

Little did she know, she was placing herself in the greatest danger.

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